Holiday & Event Decorating

Holiday Decor

Seasonal & Event Décor – from Tablescapes to Holiday Design

Company is coming …. A party is planned. Have you thought about table design, which we call your “tablescape”, or how to theme your party?

How about holiday décor? From the exterior to the interior, we’re here to help your home reflect the joy you feel for the holidays. We can be elaborate or more subdued, whatever is best for you.

Gift Buying

Dazzle Your Guests With Something They Can Take With Them

Another opportunity to lesson “the load” of preparing for holidays and special occasions is to call us to help you buy gifts. We’ll listen and learn about the people you are gifting and about the kind of gifts you like to give. We want to know price ranges and we’ll do away with gift cards! Tell us your need and we’ll take care of the rest.