Home Organization

Organizational Support

Let Us Help Organize Your Home!

This division of StyledbySean is directed by Anne Marie Kelly. With years of experience at Nova Care, as a Center Support Specialist, her natural instinct for organization is the perfect fit for her son’s company. Mother and son – they bring their family to their clients and their families.

Anne Marie said, “I find it personally rewarding to help people of any age organize their belongings and coordinate packing. Honestly, I love it. There’s no better feeling when you know you are making a difference. To do this, you have to have compassion.”

Closet Organization

Organize Your Life… Behind Closed Doors

Organizing closets and creating new closet designs is another aspect of working with SxS. Whether they are closets for clothing, linens, toys, tools, or pantries in the kitchen, it just doesn’t matter. New systems are created and never again are things “lost!”

Our Process


It all begins with a free phone consultation. We ask select questions that will help us understand your lifestyle and what your day to day looks like. Every project is unique because people live different lives and have different priorities. Let’s start fresh. Your old closet is the old you! Let’s create a system that really works for you and tailors to your needs. If there are products that will enhance your closet, we will recommend them by sending links or we can shop for them!


Think about it, do you really need that faded black shirt, stray sock, or jeans that are missing two buttons? We’re here to help you make those decisions. Of course, you have your staple items that define your personal style and they will stay. 

Organization System

We are going to make a system that works for you. It may be color coordinated. It may not. It’s up to you. We’ll help you decide. We’ll also simplify your life by organizing it. We apply the same system to garages, basements and storage!


90 Minute Consultation – $100

Includes a walk-through of your space, product recommendations, and an estimate. The price of the consult is added to your session if booked. 

4 Hour Session

One Organizer


6 Hour Session

One Organizer


4 Hour Session

Two Organizers


6 Hour Session

Two Organizers