Moving Assistance

Moving & Relocation

OMG – I’m Moving!

The minute your house is sold or you purchase a home or you plan to move your business, don’t panic and say, “OMG, I’m moving!” Instead, call us. We’re here with a variety of moving solutions – from organizing all aspects of your move to details like donating objects you won’t need in the move. We’ll have a consultation and learn about your needs. We’ll talk about your budget so you know what to expect. We’ll even hire the moving company and work with them on your behalf. We’re here to hold your hand AND do the work!        

Packing & Unpacking

Let Us Take the Stress Out of Moving

With a skilled team of professional packers, SxS categorizes belongings, gets rid of clutter and organizes “stuff” bringing much needed order to any situation.  Our team of organizers will walk you through the process and have everything labeled. We’ll even put everything on a specified spreadsheet, so you know where all of your belongings are. 

Once you’re all packed up and moved to your next location, SxS unpacks what we packed in the most organized fashion. We’ll plan this together so you can find everything easily when we walk out the door.

Packing For Travel

Prepare for your Trip by Planning, not Packing!

Another task that can be overwhelming is packing for travel – whether going on a trip or moving into a vacation home. Whatever the need, SxS is here to help. Tell us your situation, and we’ll find a solution to support you.