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Packing is the worst. Well, not for us because it's what we do. We have it down-pat, and our system will leave you without stress. Dependent on your needs, our team will customize an effective system that works for you. We cover the supplies and will work with you to ensure your items are taken care of. We are not going to just come in your house the day before and pack things in a box and send you on your way. Our team of organizers will walk you through the process and have everything labeled and put into a specified spreadsheet so you know where all of your belongings are. 

Once you're all packed up and moved to your next location,

S by S will come and unpack what we packed. The beauty of having a team of organizers is that we can unpack and organize at the same time. We're pros at this so we know where it should all go and will work with you to give you a plan on where your items should be placed and what makes the most sense for your lifestyle. 

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