Personal Styling

Personal Style

We’ll Help Determine the Best Look for You!

Speaking of closets, Sean’s flair for design lends itself beautifully to personal styling. Why is it so many people “can’t find anything to wear” as they stare at a closet filled with clothes! Understanding your personal style and what clothes go together can be made much easier with advice by Sean and with organization systems in closets.

Your style is unique to you and there isn’t one person in this world who can change that. Sometimes you get in a rut, you’re too busy or you just don’t feel like putting something together. SxS’s purpose in general is to make your life run seamlessly so you can enjoy. 

We have worked with celebrities, CEO’s, stay-at-home moms…you name it. Whether you’re on a budget or want to splurge to make someone jealous, we got you.