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It all begins with a free phone consultation. I like to ask select questions that will help us understand your lifestyle and what your day to day looks like. Every project is unique because people live different lives and have different priorities. 

Let’s start fresh. Your old closet is the old you! Let’s create a system that really works for you and tailors to your needs. If there are products that will enhance your closet, we will recommend them by sending links or we can shop for them!

Purge – You don’t need that faded black t-shirt, stray sock or jeans that are missing two buttons. Of course, you have your staple items that define your personal style and they will stay. 

Organization system – Yes, we are going to do the color coordinated beautiful system but most important we are going to make a system that works for you!

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Whether you are moving across town or across country we have got you covered. We will handle your packing from beginning to end. We have a unique system and resources that will make you feel at ease for all your moving needs. 

Stressed about an upcoming trip? Don’t be, hun! We will take a look at your itinerary and make sure you are packed for your trip!

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So you are organized, have a nice system going but don’t know how to put together an outfits for girls night or boys night out? It’s okay, we know exactly what you’re gonna wear and you’re going to look better than the next. 


Small spaces, large spaces and everything in between. 

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Please don’t be the gift-card person. We know your busy and don’t have time to think about what to get that special someone. Tell us your relationship with this person and a little bit about them. We will take care of the rest. 

You have your whole squad coming over and all if you have is a wreath on the door. Not going to cut it.